Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs and recovery, lasting and real. People are thriving.

Part of the reason some people are so skeptical about real and complete recoveries is because a lot of people who achieve it move on. They don't hang around the mental health blogosphere and most of them don't go into working in mental health. Most of them go off and live their ordinary lives---as it should be. The thing is they are out there and they are thriving. My interests continue to lie with the folks I've worked with my whole life, but for most people life simply continues in whatever realms of interest they have. -- Most of the people who have written me to tell me they are now thriving and free of psych drugs don't write stories that can be published. We are not all writers and some people who can write don't like the idea of their story being published even anonymously. -- I'm re-posting a withdrawal and recovery story with an update now that she has been med free and healthy and happy for 2 years. Finding people who write well enough to share their stories and care to do so on top of it is the hard part. There is no shortage of people living their lives off drugs and feeling far better for it. ...[click on title for the rest of the article]

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