New book: Manufacturing Depression: The Secret History of a Modern Disease

I've not read this book but it looks interesting. Below is an excerpt from a review from the Brooklyn Rail: Gary Greenberg opens his new history of depression with a riveting tale of scientific ingenuity. A young, unknown marine biologist with an interest in mussels happens to discover the neurotransmitter serotonin and helps spur the... Continue Reading →

Shit happens…explained

It is sometimes difficult to see and understand that changing conditions are not mistakes. They feel that way because we sometimes think that if we were only smart enough or careful enough, we could avoid all unpleasantness—that we wouldn’t fall ill or have misfortune. In fact, we usually haven’t done anything wrong. It’s just what... Continue Reading →

East meets West…mindfulness meets CBT

Acceptance and Commitment therapy is the only off shoot of Behavioral Therapy that I have any tolerance for whatsover. I know lots of people love CBT and DBT but I have found them absolutely insufferable. See here why I like "ACT." Wish they'd drop all these acronyms though. From The Times: (article is apparently no... Continue Reading →

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