Jim Gottstein to host webinar on plans to curb the over-drugging of children

Planned for February 24th. ICSPP's 2010 Distinguished Lecture Series will begin with Attorney Jim Gottstein's webinar presentation on PsychRights' Medicaid Fraud Initiative Against Psychiatric Drugging of Children & Youth Background: The massive psychiatric drugging of America's children, particularly poor, disadvantaged children and youth through Medicaid and in foster care is an unfolding public health catastrophe of... Continue Reading →

The Power Behind my Bipolar: Becoming Friends with Both Sides- Final Parts

This is a continuation of Jeremy's story of healing which begins here. In the final part of this post Jeremy shares his recipe for healing. I want to state that this is his path and may not apply to everyone.  As it happens, I use all his methods, save fasting. Fasting would be dangerous for... Continue Reading →

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