Trauma And The Body: Will Hall’s Talk from Alternatives 2006

This is a talk I gave at Alternatives in 2006 that addresses "What is trauma?" and how to heal it. The talk is based on somatic and body awareness oriented therapies, primarily Somatic Experiencing developed by Peter Levine, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy / Hakomi developed by Pat Ogden, and Process Oriented Psychology created by Arnold Mindell. Two... Continue Reading →

Links from out and about…

Links from over the weekend and the last couple of days: Irving Kirsch, P.h.D: Antidepressants: The Emperor's New Drugs?-- My awareness that the chemical cure of depression is a myth began in 1998, when Guy Sapirstein and I set out to assess the placebo effect in the treatment of depression. Instead of doing a brand... Continue Reading →

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