Evelyn Pringle’s Paxil Birth Defect Litigation Series

Here are links to Evelyn Pringle's most recent articles. She has been doing a series which in the end will include six pieces. Here are the first three lifted from Unite. That site will later be updated with the remaining three articles. Evelyn Pringle: Paxil Birth Defect Litigation – First Trial A Bust For Glaxo Paxil... Continue Reading →

Prozac for crowd control, no placebo needed to get the effect, NAC in schizophrenia, two updates on Rebecca Riley: news and blogs

More interesting links from over the weekend and Monday: Prozac for Crowd Control -- Storied Mind -- I’ve heard of a number of off-label uses for antidepressants, but turning them into non-lethal weapons for crowd control is a new one for me. The Soft-Kill Solution in the March Harper’s describes research on the use of... Continue Reading →

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