Little blurb for anyone who doubts benzodiazepine withdrawal is real (Valium, Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, etc)

I realize it’s hard to wrap ones head around how severe benzo withdrawal can be. That is why I try to always link to or quote other people’s stories when I talk about my own situation. Still there remain folks who seem to doubt the veracity of the situation many of us find ourselves in.

Look on any benzo board and you will find hundreds of stories if you go through the archives. People crippled from the withdrawal process. Here are some places to start looking. If you need help or support in getting off benzos these places may help as well. There are many many more of these sites online. You need only do a google search.

Benzo Friends

There are many more boards, groups and communities of benzo sufferers if you’re interested in finding them.

Every group has its own culture and generally a bit of dogma that goes along with its culture, but one thing you’ll find consistent from board to board is the nature of withdrawal, which is in most cases on these boards is horrible. It’s true that some people get off easy sometimes, yes. Those are lucky souls. But for those of us who have it rough, the worst thing is that nothing in society prepares us or those who love us  at all to understand what is happening.

If you’re facing a withdrawal it’s best to get to know people online. I’ve not been lucky enough to meet anyone in person who knows what is up, but I sure as hell know hundreds now online. I’ve at this point certainly read thousands of accounts. I would have never made this journey and had any faith I’d recover had I not had dozens of people who became my friends telling me they too were sick in bed for up to several years, but now they are well and do not regret going through the worst time of their lives.

Also, SSRI withdrawal can be very nasty and disabling too. See Paxil Progress. People don’t generally believe that either. There are many accounts of horrible withdrawals from SSRIs too. And certainly I’ve heard accounts of other psychiatric med withdrawals bringing people to their knees. Benzos remain the largest vocal group online as they’ve been prescribed much longer and there are more people aware of the problem.

Until withdrawal is legitimized and recognized in the medical literature we will remain like this, thousands in the shadows with only each other and those who live with us understanding the extent of the trauma that has been imposed upon us by our physicians in the name of medicine.

We need research done. This needs to be recognized.

For more information on benzodiazepines in general visit the benzo tab on this blog.

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