Update: Big PsychRights Medicaid Fraud Case

Press release: On January 25, 2010, the United States District Court for Alaska unsealed PsychRights' big Medicaid Fraud case, PsychRights v. Matsutani et al., against child psychiatrist Osamu Matsutani, other psychiatrists, mental health agencies, pharmacies, and state officials. The basis of the case is that it is Medicaid Fraud for psychiatrists to write "off-label" prescriptions... Continue Reading →

Beyond Meds and Beyond the Dosies

Spit, Bristle and Fury posted commentary on the Dosie's and the post I published about them yesterday: Gianna Kali’s always informative and often pharma-critical blog, Beyond Meds was up for a Dosie — a new award “created to find the best examples of social media in pharma and healthcare.” Out of the 550 nominees, not surprisingly,... Continue Reading →

Media madness for wednesday…

Psych news for today: Alternative medicine isn't taught to doctors in medical school | KevinMD.com -- this is written as though it's a surprise that doctors don't know anything about herbs or supplements to those who conducted the study. I've never been under the illusion that they in general know anything about even simple good... Continue Reading →

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