All the News That is Fit to Print: the drugging of our children

More work by Robert Whitaker who alerted me to this post on Mad in America so that I might share it here: On Wednesday, May 26, the New York Times website ran a question-and-answer interview with Dr. Harold Koplewicz, who is one of the most prominent child psychiatrists in the United States. The New York... Continue Reading →

Positive thinking…not nearly as simple as some like to make out

Bruce Lipton: This is an introduction, I guess, to a documentary about EFT (emotional freedom technique) What he talks about is quite fascinating whether you're interested in EFT or not. If you like these, I posted a lecture of his a while ago here too: Biology of Perception.

Negative research spun to look good, coming off SSRIs, Veteran deaths on psych drugs: Thursday news and blogs

Happy reading: Negative research often spun to look good: study | Reuters -- Most of the readers of this blog are well aware of this phenomena in clinical trials of pharmaceuticals. Most people aren't aware however, so it's good that these things get noted in the media. Scientists are no strangers to spinning their research,... Continue Reading →

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