Meditation for overcoming trauma/mental distress of all kinds

Seaneen Molloy of The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive is trying new things. One need not be Buddhist to practice meditation!! And to benefit from it's healing effects! Here is an excerpt from Seaneen's article from BBC Ouch! With my feet firmly in the 21st century, I see Buddhism as something belonging to the... Continue Reading →

There is a large range of normal! Your brain is a rainforest

Ode Magazine -- an excerpt from Your brain is a rain forest on the importance of neurodiversity. The lessons we have learned about biodiversity and cultural and racial diversity need to be applied to the human brain. We need a new field of neurodiversity that regards human brains as the biological entities they are, and appreciates... Continue Reading →

Jung’s Red Book and what is normal anyway? (news roundup)

Happy Memorial Day! Jung, C.G. - The Red Book that link is text. And here are a small taste of the paintings. -- . For information on this book look here and here. I've got a copy of the book but have not been well enough to read it. I relish the thought of being... Continue Reading →

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