In remembrance of Esmin Green

The Opal Project has asked that you share this with your networks. On June 19, 2010 it will be two years since Esmin Green was murdered-by-neglect at Kings County Hospital Center Psychiatric Emergency Room. 2 YEARS AFTER ESMIN GREEN’S MURDER, WHAT HAS CHANGED? NEWS REPORTS: ABUSE CONTINUES. STILL OUTRAGED? JOIN US! JUNE 18, 2010 5... Continue Reading →

News and blogs on Monday

Monday reading: Holistic Recovery from Schizophrenia: Like diabetics need insulin -- I must confess that reading Robert Whitaker's book Anatomy of an Epidemic is getting me down. He has nailed the human carnage that usually begins with the psychiatrist saying to the patient, "you have an incurable disease and you are going to need meds... Continue Reading →

Will Hall’s Essay in the Book “A Way Out Of Madness”

This is my chapter in Daniel Mackler and Matthew Morrissey's new book, A Way Out of Madness: Dealing with Your Family After You’ve Been Diagnosed with a Psychiatric Disorder. Buy the book here. Here for a PDF of the chapter Life After Family "...what is usually called hypnosis is an experimental model of a naturally... Continue Reading →

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