A brief note to my readers

I turned off comments and also made email contact with me difficult a couple of years ago as I got too sick to continue at the pace I was going. I continue to need this time to heal.

Some of you still manage to write me through various means. I want you to know that your email means a lot to me. I’m sorry I can no longer respond to all of you.

Some of your notes are loving notes of support which are greatly appreciated.

Others are looking for help. If you need help, please look at this post on how to find online support.

At this point in time I do not see myself returning to any sort of intensive public online life. I’ve given 1000s of hours of my energy and work to this blog and associated business from behind a computer screen. I really hope to use my passions and energies in a different way in the future.

If I get well I hope to work in the domain of physical human beings — a sentiment that is so normal for most, but for me it’s been years now that I can’t engage that way.  So now I occasionally post my thoughts or an article on this blog until I’m well enough to actually leave my house even though I said I was moving on because well…my body ain’t really ready to move on even if I am psychologically. Yeah, I’m ready to be well. The body has its own timer unfortunately.

Update: When I post more often I’m often actually going through a bad spell and unable to leave the house again. It’s often misunderstood to mean I’m doing better. In truth if I’m not posting much it often means I’m able to do more on my feet. I prefer that reality.

Update 4/12:  This is what it’s like

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