Psych visit: a short video and memoir (updated with commentary by the video maker)

A good friend had a crisis a few years ago that pulled her suddenly into psychiatry. This is her story: Update I noticed a link to my site where the psychiatrist Steven Balt also shares this video. He adds his own commentary. I shared this with the author of the blog who left a comment... Continue Reading →

An outline of how mental health system is biased toward medication

It has become apparent that huge numbers of people are receiving more medication, over longer periods of time, than what is optimal for their long term mental health.(Whitaker, 2010) What are the factors in the current mental health system that biases it toward greater use of medication than what is optimal? It is important that all of these areas be identified, since efforts to achieve medication optimization are likely to achieve only partial success at best if significant areas of bias remain unchallenged.

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