A woman’s love and nourishing cooking heals her husband: “bipolar” need not be forever

About a week ago Jenny, the blog’s author shared a personal story of healing in her family. Her husband had been diagnosed bipolar. A large part of his and her journey, just like mine, was learning how to eat well, or really better than before we struggled to get healthy and free of drugs.

Outcome of FDA hearing about electroshock: more testing necessary

An expert panel advising the Food and Drug Administration decided Friday that electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) machines should undergo the same rigorous testing as new medical devices coming onto the market – a decision that could drastically affect the future of psychiatry’s most controversial treatment.

Private life of a cat… (Saturday mellow)

The private life of cats. It’s a 22 minute video but well worth the time. https://youtu.be/_6e1O_NtK24 Private Life of a Cat is an intimate observation of two cats- originally created by Alexander Hammid, in 1947 (on 16mm B/W film, as a silent movie). It stars a male cat (the white one), and a female cat;... Continue Reading →

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