Thoughts from Robert Whitaker after the Grand Rounds at Mass General

Robert Whitaker has this post on his blog at Mad in America: I posted about the Grand Rounds this morning. As many readers of this blog may know, I spoke at the psychiatric department’s Grand Rounds at Massachusetts General Hospital on January 13, which was covered by Carey Goldberg, a reporter for WBUR. My talk at... Continue Reading →

Robert Whitaker and a roomful of psychiatrists from Harvard

Might it be that the overuse of psychiatric medications is making many people sicker than they would have been, and preventing their recovery? Are the medications causing an epidemic of long-term psychiatric disability?

Two men

Message for the day (I recommend making it full screen): From the vimeo site: Multi award winning Australian short film, Two Men, directed by Dominic Allen and shot in the Kimberly town of Fitzroy Crossing by Joel Betts, features a robust and dynamic cast of indigenous Australian non actors. Based on Kafka's short story,... Continue Reading →

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