State of mental health care in America — some thoughts

It's important to consider what the right kind of care for those with mental health issues is because the fact is much of what is considered state of art now makes many people worse. Blanket calls for more available care isn't enough if we don't also think about what better care looks like. Pushing for... Continue Reading →

Five ways to be mindful

Simple rules to live by. I've featured Jon Kabat-Zinn on this site before. There is a great google video with him giving a brilliant lecture here. The video is at the bottom of the post and well worth watching. From US News and World Report: 1. Consider what's right with you. "Until you stop breathing,... Continue Reading →

Voyce Hendrix Inside Soteria House — Madness Radio

From the archives of Madness Radio. First Aired 12-6-2006 Duration: 49:06 Inside Soteria House with Voyce Hendrix, original clinical director who worked closely with Loren Mosher. Soteria House was a non-medication, non-diagnostic label and voluntary residence treating severe psychotic breakdown. Recovery rates were much higher in this humane and egalitarian atmosphere -- but the project... Continue Reading →

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