F.D.A. Is Studying the Risk of Electroshock Devices

Background: Electroshock devices have been on the market since 1937, but have never undergone the approval process for safety and efficacy required by the FDA for devices of this type. These devices were “grandfathered” into the system when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration assumed jurisdiction in this area in 1976.

An invitation to do nothing…

This site invites you to do nothing for two minutes. Click here to do just that. Gentle, sneaky way to introduce mindfulness. It can start with something just this simple! h/t to Nancy from Virtual Connections

Let go (there’s beauty in the breakdown)

(click the player after clicking the link) Drink up baby down Mmm are you in or out Leave your things behind 'Cause it's all going off without you Excuse me Too busy Writing your tragedy These mishaps You bubble wrap When you've no idea what you're like... So let go (let go) Jump in Oh... Continue Reading →

Acknowledging The Survivor: Exclusion, Trivialisation and Denial

In looking at exclusion I would like to use the systemic lens. That which is excluded creates imbalance and so, I believe, as a society we become imbalanced at a collective level when we refuse to acknowledge difficult and painful truths within our society. Nowhere is this felt more keenly than by the psychiatric survivor. As a so-called ‘civilised’ society we collude in our collective trivialisation of both the violation of human rights of this marginalised minority group and the trauma, pain and silencing of this group. This I believe is our last great civil rights movement.

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