“Research Scientist,” who doesn’t seem to mind bad data about the “bipolar child”

The plaque on the door of my boss’s office says “Research Scientist.”  He’s a professor at a major university, a specialist in the intersection of children’s mental health and schools (special education, specifically).  He’s also a national expert on a specific type of children’s mental health service system, known as a “system of care.”  This... Continue Reading →

The fish

The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop I caught a tremendous fish and held him beside the boat half out of water, with my hook fast in a corner of his mouth. He didn't fight. He hadn't fought at all. He hung a grunting weight, battered and venerable and homely. Here and there his brown skin hung... Continue Reading →

Robert Whitaker on Progressive Radio Network (audio link now FIXED)

This is an hour long interview with Robert Whitaker which serves as a good summary of Anatomy of an Epidemic, in case you haven't read it. Listen here: One point among many is that biological psychiatry is a really impoverished and reductionist view of the human spirit. Let's stop controlling people we've pathologized and support a... Continue Reading →

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