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The below excerpt from Tricycle Magazine about dealing mindfully and skillfully with physical pain can be done with emotional pain too and in fact is closely related to what Jayme shares here in healing her own mental distress. One night when I was still new to meditation, I lay awake for hours in agony from... Continue Reading →

LOVE FOR SALE: the trouble with professional caregivers

So this is how the vicious social services cycle begins. Instead of directing her instinctive surge of mothering energy towards her own children, Dr. Dewar directs it – for profit – towards the children of strangers [probably using some of the profits to hire a professional caregiver to direct inferior mothering energy at her own children]. Finding themselves out-of-place and re-placed in the professional setting, the mothers of Dr. Dewar’s surrogate, hospitalized children will then be forced to redirect their own energies, starting a double-edged chain reaction: all of the mothers continuously frustrated by failed attempts to mother other things (not the children they were designed to care for) and none of the children benefiting from the highly personalized and unconditional-love-charged energy of their own mothers.

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