Voice your attitudes about psychiatry

From Shrink Rap an opportunity to voice your issues with psychiatry in America with real live psychiatrists:

Please help us get a sense of the public sentiment towards psychiatry, psychiatrists, and psychiatric patients. We will be including this information in our presentation on The Public Face of Psychiatry at this year’s annual meeting of The American Psychiatric Association. Please read all of the answers for all of the questions, then choose all that apply. If you choose “other,” please type in a response. This survey is totally anonymous and does not collect an IP address or any other identifying information.  take survey here

Thoughtful responses about your experience can be written in paragraph form at the end of the form. The rest of the survey is done by multiple choice.

I’ve never been a fan of multiple choice. I found the survey oversimplified and not at all able to catch nuance, hence the paragraph form may be useful.

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