Saturday mellow

Truly wondrous bird murmuration. I had this video scheduled a couple of weeks down the line but it's so popular and I'm seeing it everywhere, so I thought I'd get it up now so that perhaps a few of you won't have already seen it.

“Recov­ery hap­pens for me (and I have heard for oth­ers as well) due to a mul­ti­tude of fac­tors”

Keris Myrick the woman featured in the New York Times article by Benedict Carey in the series Lives Restored, Liv­ing with Men­tal Ill­ness responds to the internet summaries of the article. It seems people understood what they wanted about medication and its role in her recovery. More than anything Keris Myrick is a pragmatist. Do what works. I say Amen to that! What works for me, may not work for you and vice versa. And it’s my mantra that it generally takes a combination of many things that varies from person to person to find health and well-being. Generalizing to everyone based on our own personal experience alone is a recipe for disaster.

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