Are your heart and mind open to others?

This quote came to me at an opportune moment after a friend told me she didn't visit or contact me in the last three years because she loved me too much and it caused her pain to see me sick. That was a weird and surreal thing to hear since it is when we are sick that we need the practical ministrations of love and yet she was sincere and she is not a cruel person. This quote by Pema allowed me to feel additional compassion.

Housekeeping: new URL and then some

Some old posts are getting reindexed and they enter feeds and perhaps some subscriptions too, thus you see them presented and most likely imagine they are new posts. I simply want you to be aware of this as otherwise it may be confusing as the chronology of some of them won't make any sense at all otherwise.

Laughter is medicine — truly healing

When anybody laughs, he has no mind, no thought, no problem, no suffering. ~Papaji Steven Colbert apparently has discovered the same thing. Here he speak, out of character about the work that he does -- and laughter medicine resources...

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