Saturday mellow meditation

The audio on this video is by one of my meditation teachers. I used to meditate with Jack Kornfield frequently on Monday nights and did a couple of short retreats with him when I lived near his center and before that I had read his work. This is a nice little guided meditation. Enjoy.

Whether it’s stormy and grey or not, the sun is always there.

Whether it's stormy and grey or not, the sun is always there.

Will Hall: Keynote speech at Alternatives 2012

Will Hall did the Keynote speech at Alternatives 2012. It's another inspiring and deeply moving talk. He got a standing ovation for very good reason. Things are changing! In the several years I've been doing this work I can see the change. We are making a difference. Our life experience and sharing that openly with others is making a difference. One of the things that Will is talking about here is reframing our experience. This is a topic I often talk about on this blog too. Along with reframing our experience we need to understand the role of trauma in our lives and the lives of those who are labeled with psychiatric illness.

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