Benzodiazepines in the media

The UK has another round of info about benzodiazepines in the news again. I've mentioned several times that for whatever reason the British Media seems to cover the hazards of these drugs much more faithfully. I'm doing a little round-up without too much commentary as I've covered Benzo Info extensively for many years. See my Benzo Info Page here. Protracted withdrawal syndromes are most common among benzo and SSRI users. All the psychotropic drugs seem to potentiate somewhat similar broad autonomic dysfunction in some people and on an individual basis I've seen worst case scenarios in some people using any and all the classes of psychiatric drug. But in terms of sheer statistics, there is no question in my mind having frequented withdrawal boards of all classes of psychiatric drugs now for many years that people are most often seriously struck with long-term withdrawal issues after having come off of benzodiazepines. They are nasty drugs and it's no exaggeration when people say they are worse than heroin to come off of. I've met a few people now who've done both. Heroin does not sicken people for months and years after having withdrawn like benzodiazepines can.

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