Psychopharm Complex: A Brief Sketch of a Modern Industrial Disease

PROOF OF GOD! ...and other tragedies.

The National Institute of Mental Health and the American Psychiatric Association are more bent than ever before on identifying valid causative factors related to what they consider to be “mental illness.” Toward that end, I have begun thinking about disease etiology and classification.


Psychopharm Complex

Psychopharm Complex (PPC) is a multisystemic disorder which impacts social, economic, biological, psychological, and emotional domains of life. This disorder is considered to be an Industrial Disease and is thought to be directly caused by corporations working to create profit and influence through the marketing of experimental drugs that act upon the human brain, central nervous system and endocrine systems.

Symptoms of Psychopharm Complex can be seen at the individual level, in communities and community institutions (such as schools and correctional facilities), and within broad societal culture and function.

Biological symptoms of PPC manifest themselves in the individual as weight gain, irregularity in hormonal function…

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