“The Stoning of the Prophets” — psych drugs mute creativity/spirituality

One of the most interesting psychiatrists I ever met was writing a book called "The Stoning of the Prophets" because he correctly (IMO) viewed the drugging of incipient revelation (psychosis) as a horrible thing...I believe these phenomena are in fact deeply spiritual but there are few healers who know how to help people through the terrain...so they instead believe they're sick. There are now, more and more folks finding ways through the terrain...and slowly more people who can be helpers and guides. It saddens me when people aren't able to find such folks in their lives to offer such support and that happens far too often. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

What should doctors know about psychiatric drug withdrawal?

The truth is that far too often MDs are not only untrained in helping folks come off psych drugs, they also don't know how to recognize serious withdrawal issues. Just as Baylissa speaks about in the video. It makes for a very dangerous situation. A lot of folks are told that their very serious withdrawal issues are psychiatric and not real. I'm now going to cut and paste an old post about this phenomena that includes some suggestions about how one might go about finding a doctor to work with if one decides they'd like to come off psychiatric drugs. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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