My growing herb list: healing with plants

I am using a lot of herbs that are categorized as "nervine" herbs. They support the nervous system. I find that they are truly profoundly healing. Psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome, is among other things, an autonomic nervous system injury. The herbs are healing in a very literal sense in that they don't just soothe the nervous system -- I can feel them building it. I don't have to use the herbs in an ongoing way the way pharmaceuticals are used and what's more I find that if I meditate after taking them I can process old traumas and shadow content from my psyche in such a way that old traumatic stuff moves through and is healed. Truly astonishing and wonderful. I don't expect everyone would find this to be true for them, but I'm very grateful that if works this way for me. As I suggested earlier, there was time when taking the herbs would have been too much for my nervous system and it taking them would have been detrimental. Again, timing is everything. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Changing the way we raise kids is the only long-term path to peace (and sanity)

We need to take a leap of the imagination and envision nations as the best kinds of families the democratic ones we are trying to create in our own lives. A hierarchical family must be changed anyway if we are to stop producing leaders whose unexamined early lives are then played out on a national and international stage… But changing the way we raise children is the only long-term path to peace or arms control, and neither has ever been more crucial. As the feminist adage says, The personal is political. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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