Freaking out therapist types: on being subject to the clinical gaze and the conditioned mind

An important thing to remember is that we’re always dealing with fear when we are confronted with disbelief about our lives free from psych meds. They are afraid of what we have accomplished and they are afraid of what we know. They are afraid that our message will harm people. Harm only comes if people are coerced. People need to do what they need to do wherever they are on their own self-directed path. That includes taking meds if that is what they are resonant with at any given time. That is the key thing to understand. Those of us who were harmed have largely been denied our experience and often forced to get treatment we knew we should not be getting. Folks who find psychiatry helpful have a hard time understanding that we’ve had a radically different experience. Many of us too have a hard time believing some folks have benefitted from what has so gravely harmed us. We must embrace our differences. .… [click on title for the rest of the post]

keep trying

Saturday Mellow: Album : Out Here in There Artists: Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft Track: Try The lyrics: Keep on looking you keep on searching you keep on moving and you get a little further you keep on trusting you keep on hoping you keep on facing your faith just to keep on growing just... Continue Reading →

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