Nature vs nurture, biological vs. psychological: how about both/and rather than either/or

The subject of biological vs. psychological and nature vs. nurture came up in one of my professional email groups. I responded to the topic with the below thoughts which have been slightly edited for this blog.

Here it is:

I see all aspects of being human as existing on spectrums of sorts.  All these spectrums interact with each other so that experience is like a kaleidoscope perhaps…endlessly varied from human being to human being and even within the life of a solo human being…no moment is ever repeated…we are new in that way in every instant.

We cannot ever know all the ingredients that come together to make this or that human being the way they are…and for me this is part of the great mystery of life…we all partake and make the best of it.

I’ve actually written a very brief post that contains this same idea. It’s using somewhat different language. I’ll cut and paste it below.

You’ll see I don’t particularly like either/or thinking…it’s more like both/and…more inclusion rather than less…

Everything Matters

When it comes to wellbeing (mental and physical) and prevention of illness too many people will do anything they can to avoid the truth.

EVERYTHING matters. The body you were born with. The body you have today. Your relationships with others and the planet, the food you eat, and the air you breath…. how often you move your body and the thoughts you nurture in your mind and soul.

That is what understanding ourselves as holistic beings entails. Understanding our relationship and interconnectedness to EVERYTHING in our environment, what we’re born with and how it’s all intertwined and that we cannot be separated from it.

We are kaleidoscopic beings — endlessly variant. Social, political, psychological, ecological, cultural, biological aspects  of life all have impact. The micro-biome, too matters. All those millions of little bugs all over us and in us too.

We cannot begin to understand our nature if we don’t engage our kaleidoscopic reality in a very active way .  Everything Matters — it’s the meme I use as a title for my work because it encapsulates our essence…

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