Learning to be with ourselves: a response to Understanding Psychosis

When I get caught up in trying to explain why I have these experiences I often realise that I am coming from a place of fear. I tell myself that I want to understand because knowing why will help me cope, help me know what to do. I may even tell myself that my experiences need me to be understanding and empathic. I want to make myself feel safer, I want to find the right way forwards – the best way. I don’t want to feel confused and powerless so I go to default mode of observing, analysing the data and coming up with an explanation that seems to best suit the issue at hand. I may return to explanations that have helped me in the past. … [click on title to read and view more]

Me and My Best-Self (analysis by @_2020mojo_ )

This is a wickedly observant nine minutes of musing from my long-time twitter friend @_2020mojo_. Though I've followed his tweets with great attention for many years and though he designed the very beautiful header of Beyond Meds I still don't know his name. And yet, I love him. The internet is a marvel. … [click on title to read and view more]

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