Dear God and atheism too…

On twitter today someone accused me of being a Bible thumper. I found that rather amusing. I had tweeted a quote from the Bible...something I do quite often actually. She'd not seen me do that before and was scandalized. I have been a student of religion, spirituality and mythology my whole life. I have a degree in Religious Studies from UC Berkeley. - I find these topics interesting because studied with the right sort of attention they all point to the nature of reality in my mind. All world religions do this in my opinion. They are metaphors, really. Ultimate reality cannot be articulated. One of my favorite words I learned in college is INEFFABLE. That which cannot be spoken. … [click on the title to read and view more]

Voices matter and (so do other extreme or unusual experiences)

The below video is a couple of years old and I somehow missed it. It’s really wonderful and well worth watching. I hope to be able to attend one of these congresses soon. I am starting to entertain the idea of traveling again, though I’m not sure yet when that might happen. - “Voices Matter” is a documentary about the global Hearing Voices Movement, filmed at the 2012 World Hearing Voices Congress in Cardiff, Wales. For more info visit the Open Paradigm Project. Also: a collection of posts from the archives with some commentary on hearing voices. … [click on the title to read and view more]

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