Emotional, spiritual and physical health are intimately connected

Because there is virtually no understanding of the above reality in medicine, nor psychology, psych drugs instead are far too often agents of trauma rather than being therapeutic. The entire mental illness system actually acts as an agent of trauma because of this lack of consciousness. That is exactly what my first comment above is pointing to. Whatever I met psychiatry with all those years ago when I was drugged, (my story is here) the psych drugs magnified and made worse exponentially (not so much in ways that show up obviously in behavior, but in how the entire body/mind/spirit was affected). There is no way anyone who goes through this and comes to the understanding we’ve come to on this side of the trauma can stay silent on the topic. We are here to change things. Simply because we know what we know. … [click on title to read and view more]

Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing lasts forever; No one lives forever. Keep that in mind, and love. Our life is not the same old burden; Our path is not the same long journey. The flower fades and dies, We must pause to weave perfection into music Keep that in mind, and love. My beloved, in you I find refuge.... Continue Reading →

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