Whatever arises, love that.

I’m loving this audio course so much I just had to share it. It’s a heavy dose of learning to LOVE ourselves. It’s about acceptance of self — very much like what I’ve been sharing on this site but it goes beyond that it a way that is quite significant. It guides in ways that is helping me to deeply embody a complete integration of my healing process. Incredibly profound.

I recommend the audio course in particular because it’s really powerful to listen to it as a sort of meditation while doing all the practices along with Matt Kahn as he gives the course. If that is something that simply does not appeal, then the text version of the book is probably the way to go.

The audio course here: The ‘Whatever Arises, Love That’ Course: Insights and Practices to Open the Heart and Live as Love

Here is a taste of Matt Kahn from YouTube:


More posts on topic on Beyond Meds below (though to be honest, Matt Kahn’s work resolves all the issues I had with my practices that I share below, so you might want to just go straight to his work) … that said, we are all drawn to different things at different times so trust your gut and start wherever it feels like you should start:

This video is also on topic as it speaks to my process of learning to be with-what-was during the heinously painful experience and process that psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome caused…essentially a pharmaceutical/chemical brain injury.

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