My hypersensitivity is such that if I do anything without moderation I suffer. This is the body forcing the middle way. Forcing alignment. Or put in another way, the life-force within me is unwilling to put up with bullshit anymore…and above all else my own bullshit.

The learning curve involved is no easy thing…this process is not a pretty thing either…coming to clarity is a destructive process (so says Adyashanti, here as well). For whatever reason the brain injury created a situation so that the middle path, for me, is a razor’s edge. Off to one side or another it hurts — sometimes acutely. Plain and simple: the learning curve demands attention.

Another way of phrasing this too might be: SHE (God, Goddess, Life-force, that which animates all, secular or religious, it doesn’t matter) has me on a very short leash with a choke collar.

(okay, that last one was kind of fun)

**these comments are a result of the energetic shift into fall/winter which always brings greater difficulties. this year being less difficult than last, but still quite the challenge.  See: Fall into Winter, a time of contraction


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