Facing the shadow, both the darkness within us and that of others…

Rage is nectar from the gods. Rage is Kali. We shun her at our peril.


Healing for me required learning to hold joy and devastating loss together at the same time. Such is life.


The dialectic — staying safe and getting our feet dirty both — we need to learn to do that. Lately on twitter there has been a meme about being willing to get into “good trouble.” In these times, I dare say, it’s a necessity to our survival. Be willing to get into good trouble!


It’s very easy to want to turn away from stories like the one I shared the other day. The one about the woman killing her beautiful, young, innocent child.  I’ve looked away from such stories many times…they’re incredibly painful to consider.

We must learn to be willing to look however, because this is a completely preventable story. It also seems that if we are willing to look into the shadow of humanity unflinchingly that we might heal it. Much of this stuff simply need not happen. Truly need not happen but there is no will to actually look and see what is really happening. When we look and deeply tend to ourselves and others we heal ourselves and others. When this doesn’t happen we see a world out of control. The world as we see it now.

The more we avoid the dark and ugly the worse it gets…there’s the rub…we really do need to be able to look into shadow. Ours and others…and there is little will to do that all around…and among those of us who actually claim to love and want to change the world it’s often the worst.It’s possible to face the dark, in ourselves and others, and be at peace both. When we deny the reality of shadow aspects we inadvertently feed it.

There is a lot of encouragement in so-called spiritual circles to dwell only in the “light.” This is dangerous advice if by dwelling in the light we DENY the dark. We need to be in the light SO THAT we can walk in the dark and illuminate it. The illuminated darkness is no longer dark. It is instead transformed into light. But first we need to be willing to walk unflinchingly into it. Yes.

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