Mad Spiritual musings on diversity and inclusivity

I can disagree with your opinion… but I can’t disagree with your experience. Once I have a sense of your experience, you and I are in relationship. – Krista Tippett

I’ve been working on a project with Chris Cole and Ian Scheffel. We want to create community and support for all of us who’ve experienced madness as having significant spiritual significance. Whether we’ve been psychiatrized or not and whether we’ve considered madness in terms of the psychiatric labeling or not. That would include anyone labeled with psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar, schizoaffective, or psychotic NOS. That would also include anyone who has had experience with altered states that have not been pathologized by psychiatry, by self or others. Perhaps by naturally delving deep in meditation or with the aid of psychedelic drugs or practices like holotropic breathing. Basically anyone who has experienced altered states and resonates with what we are doing are welcome.

Did your altered states have spiritual significance or might you be interested in considering how that lens might be applied? Then you’re welcome.  sign up on our email list that we might commune together.

So – I’ve been thinking a lot about how we’re going to bring radically different perspectives and experiences from the mental health worlds and beyond together for our project Mad Spiritual.  Here are some of my musings.

Mad Spiritual Collective is a community organized around the intersection of mental health and awakening. The principles of mutual recovery and decentralized authority are central to our mission. Our primary focus is to offer online courses that support recovery, healing and becoming awake. We welcome your involvement!

We’re all just walking each other home.
— Ram Dass


Past work that deals with inclusivity and diversity in mental health on this site:


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  1. John Herbert

    I have had an extremely powerful mystic experience at the age of 17, l will always remember it. Later in life l have had extreme behavioral problems when l came off antipsychotics cold turkey. I am now forced into taking these chemicals regularly which is a form of torture. I believe that l could wean from these chemicals slowly and reset my brain metabolism and have a relatively normal life. The problem would be to recalibrate my brain to achieve à homeostatic equilibrium without the drugs. It is really extremely unpleasent, this the word torture, to be sedated as l am. I am still looking forward à structure that would enable me to try and come off these terrible poisons. I am willing to pay, but as yet, my seeking has been in vain. Perhaps somebody out there knows of such a place, l would be extremely grateful.


      1. John Herbert

        That’s fairly obvious Monica , but it doesn’t answer my question, where can l withdrawer slowly and safely ?


  2. John Herbert

    I’d like to thank you Monica. I have discovered the red book and it has astounded several patients here. As for slowly and safely withdrawing, l’ll have to wait and see , l don’t want to risk behavior which is in any way dangerous for myself or others…

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