this animal body

***Get to know the animal within…she’s the Goddess too. There is no separation…we are animal…we are divine in that we have the capacity to experience the oneness with all and that goes well beyond the body…it’s important to not leave out half of the equation…to be grounded, knowing and healing the body is an imperative…


Chronic illness is the body screaming discontent. I’ve learned to not fight illness. Not fight disease. I’ve learned to cooperate. To listen, learn and follow directions. There is nothing in my body that isn’t interested in cooperation, healing and absorption into the one.

and from a slightly different perspective:

It’s a bit like my body is an obstacle course and to finish coming to awareness I have to play the game. If I can avoid taking it too personally if I can manage to detach from the drama it’s actually kind of fun.

updated: more somatic mysticism

 •  the somatic imperative
•  The soft animal of the body
•  Animals hunker down when they’re healing…they do not fight the process. Let us be like the animals.

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