Yoga back bends: feels yummy on the autonomic nervous system

old post continues to be helpful to folks with delicate nervous systems….yoga resurrected me…quite literally from being bedridden back onto my feet and into the world….(in tiny wee bits…as little as 2 minutes…yup…it can take lots of time rehabbing an atrophied body…but wow, yoga goes deep into the nervous system and heals…pursue it if it feels right…otherwise do not. Always listen to your body regardless of what others are saying. We’re all different and that’s a very important thing to learn too.)

Everything matters

bend13I’m reposting this because I’ve been going through another backbend stage and I thought of this post from a while back. I like to help people see how easy yoga can be. You can start with something as simple as this and see where it takes you. Being a yogi is about listening to your body and learning from it and it really doesn’t matter if you can do really complicated poses or not. Start simple and see what happens.

I’ve been using yoga as a main source of rehabilitation and recovery since I was bedridden. I began doing yoga while still in bed. Now it continues to be a primary source of continued healing. Lately I’ve been doing backbends and while all the yoga I do feels like it profoundly helps my nervous system, these bends have really been making me think about my autonomic nervous system and how…

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