Spring is upon us. A little celebration of the details.

Mostly my thoughts with a few others tossed in…

Trust your experience – but keep refining your view’. (Tibetan Buddhism – Dzogchen)


But when you look at anything as separate from you, you cannot love it for you are afraid of it. Alienation causes fear and fear deepens alienation. It is a vicious circle. Only self-realisation can break it. Go for it resolutely. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj


The most offensive quality of someone who purports to “know” is assuming their personal experience can be generalized to all people. That is the biggest lie the ego tells…we do not know the secrets of others and we are only very fortunate to perhaps know our own. Capitalism thrives on convincing others that we know what is best for them so that we can make money. 


“Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

(there is really no choice in this…we either let it flow or we fight it…fighting it makes it much more difficult)


Like splinters in one’s soul – other people’s beliefs, feelings, emotions and trauma…Healing is the cleansing off all of the collective scum to pure awareness without conditioning. Wash off the samsara….drop the stories… let go of the interpretations

We seek stability in a world that is inherently unstable. Change, healing and transformation comes from that very instability. A stagnant world would be one in which nothing ever changed..


To honestly explore diversity one must put the urge to disagree on hold. To have dialogue one must show interest in whatever seems to be a difference of opinion. Exploration of diversity and dialogue must be a two way street or it immediately shuts down. Alternately one can also move completely out of the way and explore the other … this was a skill I learned as a social worker. It can be applied to anyone really, as necessary and when it’s safe to do so.


There is not really a reason for everything in fact it could be argued there’s not a reason for anything at all and we just come up with narratives to make sense of the mystery. To say that there’s a reason for everything is just another silly story. Let go. Be free.


Dance forgiveness today

~~Everything Matters: Beyond Meds~~


Archetypes are everywhere. We are everything.

~~Everything Matters: Beyond Meds~~
~~Everything Matters: Beyond Meds~~


Healing is, among other things, a process of creating new mitochondria and new neural pathways. The body is transformed. I’ve never been here before — expertly guided by the genius of my DNA.

Healing in part for me is a deep acknowledgement and acceptance of my animal nature. I am interdependent with all of life just like any other creature on this earth. This understanding when taken in deeply and profoundly is as painful as it is liberating and therefore joyful too.

Homeostasis is not possible when one is on a radically healing path…healing is, by necessity, constant change.

Courageously move forward and into every feeling you ever were unable to feel due to oppressive circumstances. Feel them, let go and be free. Our nervous systems have recorded each and every instance of repression and denial. We have a store of tension from our ancestors as well. This store of repressed emotions, denial, violence etc is stored in our DNA. It is our “karma” …to be transmuted in this lifetime. Following its indications is intuition.

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