herbs and covid

a few thoughts on an article I saw. the FDA is cracking down on false claims, which is okay in and of itself but the take away it seems is to shun herbs altogether which is not okay. Below are my brief comments. This is the link to the article: FDA, FTC slam 7 companies... Continue Reading →

Your results may vary (they will vary: we are endlessly unique)

(odds and ends to follow...things I write in response to questions from the community or tweets etc.  shared here) *** When we assume our experience is universal and then impose that belief on others we're being violent. Example: Capitalism depends on denial when we market our health protocols and habits as the answer for everyone.... Continue Reading →

To everyone who is struggling with isolation:

To everyone who is not okay in isolation: it's not your fault. Your nervous system is in overdrive and you've not learned how to manage it. This is a radical experience that many are not ready for. Stay online and connect. It's better than nothing. We are communal beings meant to live with others. This... Continue Reading →

Food: healing diets and protocols (finding one’s way through the maze)

Every single healing diet "protocol" marketed indiscriminately to everyone is a form of criminality that capitalism requires. NO ONE HEALTHY DIET IS APPROPRIATE FOR EVERYONE. And yet without shame there are 100s of "health gurus" who make this claim. Health gurus who claim a protocol is right for everyone are at best deluded. At worst they're contributing to the suffering of others in that they're imposing their experience on others in a predatory fashion. They excel at making people believe they need the health guru and will often charge up to $500 or more for an hour of their time....that's cash above and beyond the books and whatever else they're selling.  And take heed...their targets are desperate people who are often very ill and truly need support. This is the thing: we don't need to be told what to eat, we need to learn how to discern it for ourselves as unique individuals. ...

Soundcloud and YouTube

(this is a place holder post) NEW: And now on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YLjODGKOX4 *** Interview on spotify with Chris Cole:   The Somatic Imperative with Monica Cassani *** Twitter: a place to heal and learn https://youtu.be/6xXeIrtl6kg A Message To Those Labeled By Psychiatry Mad Spiritual Musings On Diversity And Inclusivity Tracks for relaxation YouTube https://youtu.be/dsVeTJgEnvg and https://youtu.be/zjp9TKh4n6M... Continue Reading →

How to use this site

All posts that contain links that go to beyondmeds.com can be changed by simply putting in bipolarblast.wordpress.com where the beyondmeds.com is in the URL. Thank you for reading. Enjoy. (the site reverted to the old address...the contents are all here but some of the links are broken) The archive menus at the top of the... Continue Reading →

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