Your results may vary (they will vary: we are endlessly unique)

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When we assume our experience is universal and then impose that belief on others we’re being violent. Example: Capitalism depends on denial when we market our health protocols and habits as the answer for everyone. A predatory practice since those seeking health are vulnerable.

Health gurus positive about their particular trip are everywhere. Capitalism encourages and needs us to overlook our limitations so that we can make a buck. Don’t do it. It’s truly bad juju. We need to band together in gift and exchange economies and stop the violence.



Most lab work designed to look at the gut is useless. They don’t know enough about the microbiome to know what to look for so it’s generally a waste of money. I learned the hard way and yeah, spent too much time and money at first…i don’t go down such rabbit holes anymore…

Mindful attention to the body and what has been ingested etc, has been far more accurately revealing for me in that I’ve learned to respond in ways that clearly support my process. I’ve taken that power back. I doctor myself. I don’t claim to know what is actually going on however because the body is a miraculous mystery.


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Having a disabling pharmaceutical brain injury in a culture where the medical establishment refuses to own it’s perpetrations (kind of like it’s people, eh?) means I’ve had to largely forgo western medicine. We seem to bring out the violence in medical practitioners when they don’t know what to do to help us. I guess we trigger their helplessness and the defense is to make us wrong and often times thereby hurt us even more. We need to learn to be alert and simply avoid such situations. It can take time to disentangle ourselves from the establishment. It’s a process and a practice, really.

Folks I’ve found to work with are from all fields, including western medicine but I have unusual alliances. I don’t do anything that is expected from “patients”. I rarely see them more than once or twice and I’m as likely to teach them as they are me. Also I often work with friends or the healing types (from all different backgrounds) I connect with become friends when we like each other.

I like talking to anyone who can add perspective without forcing anything on me. I’ve found no one that understands my process well enough to put them in charge. So I don’t do that anymore. I did it for too long frankly. Learned the hard way. I’m the only one that knows my body.


My lymph needed so much radical assistance for so long the body could no longer do its own thing and this is what we’re learning right now…a training for the lymph that I might not have to be mindful 24/7 of microscopic minutia in the body just to stay safe since the autonomic nervous system was shattered by pharmaceuticals.


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