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a few thoughts on an article I saw. the FDA is cracking down on false claims, which is okay in and of itself but the take away it seems is to shun herbs altogether which is not okay. Below are my brief comments. This is the link to the article: FDA, FTC slam 7 companies selling bogus COVID-19 cures

If people understand that nothing can “cure” this virus then we simply do not have an issue. And guess what there is no cure. It runs its course and we support ourselves as we are able before during and after. That is all.

They may be making false claims but Buhner who they mock in the article is a brilliant herbalist. He never makes claims. His work however, as I learned herbalism from many systems and traditions, helped me immensely get through systemic long-term infections including viral —

These infections were caused in large part by over-use of antibiotic pharmaceuticals. Everyone is going to extremes now. I repeat nothing cures Coronavirus. It runs its course, we support ourselves as best we can . Herbs can be a wonderful part of support. Get a grip.

Herbs, used responsibly are helpful in building immunity and also supporting one while sick. Making claims about anything else is BS and also the nature of capitalism. Capitalism lies and feeds our fears. Pharma does this in spades and so do some people who sell herbs.


Here’s a very level headed discussion of herbs and the corona virus by a local (to me) herbal company I respect.   Covid 19 Herbal Resource Hub. 

Update: here’s Stephen Buhner’s thoughts on Covid 19 and herbs

There are a lot of very fine herbalists commenting on this. Just be sure there are no claims of cure … this is how we learn about herbs…we read and discern.


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4 thoughts on “herbs and covid

  1. Thank you for posting this! it is wonderful. I LOVE Buhner and have found his insights invaluable in my own work and, well, stuff. Thank you, again. The thing about plant medicine in this situation too is that reconnecting with what is REAL is key to surviving this, period, in my opinion. Balance and breathe. Be well!!!! xo

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  2. Very good article, on point. What are your thoughts on Artemisinin? I wondered how useful it might be given that it’s now a first-line treatment for malaria.


    1. I have no opinion on what might work for corona virus…I have zero experience with it. I love Artemisin it helped me clear out a long term systemic infection


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