Food: healing diets and protocols (finding one’s way through the maze)


Every single healing diet “protocol” marketed indiscriminately to everyone is a form of criminality that capitalism requires. NO ONE HEALTHY DIET IS APPROPRIATE FOR EVERYONE. And yet without shame there are 100s of “health gurus” who make this claim.

Health gurus who claim a protocol is right for everyone are at best deluded. At worst they’re contributing to the suffering of others in that they’re imposing their experience on others in a predatory fashion. They excel at making people believe they need the health guru and will often charge up to $500 or more for an hour of their time….that’s cash above and beyond the books and whatever else they’re selling.  And take heed…their targets are desperate people who are often very ill and truly need support.

This is the thing: we don’t need to be told what to eat, we need to learn how to discern it for ourselves as unique individuals.


Because of nothing better available at the time I started mindfully tending to my healing, I tried many “healing” diets. All featured some sort of elimination diet. Such diets are great in that we learn more in mindfulness when less din is surrounding what is put in the body. We see how our body responds in elimination and we see what it’s like to add food back. We learn to listen to the body…if we trust ourselves anyway and not whatever random health guru we might be learning about foods from.

Some of these health gurus have been useful in that some of their insights are, indeed, helpful. The trick is knowing how to let go of whatever is dogmatic and/or delusional in what they’re selling. Until we grow quite a lot in learning to listen to our body it seems most folks opt for joining the guru in dogma.

I ended up finding what I needed in my immediate ancestry. I am a first generation Italian American. I grew up eating an intact culturally sound whole food diet. (Mediterranean) I knew how to eat as my family hadn’t lost that yet as brand new immigrants.

I simply had to find my way back to my own  ancestry! Some of us are mutts and it might not be as clearly ancestrally driven. For me it really was…and I am reconnected with the only great joy from my family and upbringing. Damn good food served with LOVE. My family may have otherwise been emotional nightmares yet we knew how to eat. When you know how to eat that’s connection with the natural state. With a connection to the natural state in mindful attendance of that one can better find the natural state in all contexts of life.

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2 thoughts on “Food: healing diets and protocols (finding one’s way through the maze)

  1. When people ask me how to eat healthy, as I am a dietary vegan and many people desire to get more vegetables in their diet, I only tell them 3 things:
    1. No one diet is good for everyone. I may follow the vegan diet because a doctor prescribed it to me, but I will not prescribe it to you.
    2. Make sure whatever you eat looks like a rainbow.
    3. Enjoy your food 🙂

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