To everyone who is struggling with isolation:

To everyone who is not okay in isolation: it’s not your fault. Your nervous system is in overdrive and you’ve not learned how to manage it. This is a radical experience that many are not ready for. Stay online and connect. It’s better than nothing.

We are communal beings meant to live with others. This has already been decimated with the breakdown of the village, community and family. People living alone in urban settings might be considered an abomination with justification. I’m so sorry if you’re in such a circumstance.

this too shall pass

Getting angry at those who don’t have the nervous system capacity to stay inside isn’t the answer…we need to provide support for those who are most vulnerable. Of course, it won’t happen this time around one knows what is going on and it’s cool to blame anyone we don’t understand.


Stephen Porges: Countering the effects of social distancing


for a multitude of ideas about how to create a life filled with safe alternatives to psychiatric drugs visit the drop-down menus at the top of this page.

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  1. Thanks Monica. I am glad you and your website are making contact again. You and anyone else who reads this may be interested in a short BBC film in the UK I recently took part in about dependency and withdrawal from antidepressants. If you go to twitter and find victoria derbyshire show and head for March 12th. Be well and stroke your cat from me. I live alone, but am lucky to have a black n white pussy called kulfi. stuart x

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