pandemic and #BlackLivesMatter News via flow of consciousness….

We are not free until our brothers and sisters are free. #BlackLivesMatter


my body, my brain, injured to the point of death by patriarchal capitalism, is my guide as it heals and demands nothing but justice for all…


when we’re healing we need one another to co-regulate. Isolation hurts us all in this way. Isolation is different than alone time which is very important. we are communal beings. We are a single organism, like a mushroom. This is simple reality. We need to deal with it


We are the second coming…all of us together, as we embody unconditional love and transform the world.


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Pleasure is essential and it’s not talked about at all in psychiatric literature. Once someone has been gravely traumatized the capacity to experience pleasure can be physically not available for some time. We need to relearn to open such neural pathways. So critical to healing! Do whatever you can to find pleasure in your day. Make it a practice and take it seriously.


There are no demons here. There is only a body that needs loving. There is only pain, shame and shadow that needs light. The human family is one body. The individual human body reflects the larger human family body. That which is denied hurts.

Integrate that which we consider ugly. Dare to look into the abyss. In so doing it is illuminated. In so doing we heal.


true well-being once experienced is just obvious…the natural state is good


god these mountains are gorgeous…even with all the chaos in the world, mama earth holds us…and I am blessed to live here, as we all are.

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  1. beautifully written again monica. what a stunning place you live. I live in a small city called Worcester in England. on my doorstep are the joys of the city, a stunning cathedral and best of all a river, canal, fields and nature reserve. I have a stunning town called Malvern 15 minutes drive away with the oldest hills in uk and I go weekly for a stroll and to get lush free spring water which is a great antidote to the drugs and withdrawals I am experiencing. x

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