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I wrote about anger today when a friend posted elsewhere about how anger is being maligned so that people are marked as characterological defects…she posted something from Teal Swan…a young woman guru who really sticks her neck out… I said:

our relationship with anger is gravely and dangerously messed up. It’s not really safe to share it anywhere these days in a world where positivity is in demand and all else is off the table as spiritually inept. This is of course generally not wise as the whole human spectrum of emotion must be respected. When people feel muzzled despair arises. Silencing is dangerous as it makes the anger arise in more toxic ways.

Many people are highly critical of Teal Swan (she’s been the subject of many anti-guru controversies) though it’s clear to me she also brings up very important topics no other guru dares touch. Things that trauma brings up and people like to pretend doesn’t matter… I’m not a fan of gurus in general but I think she’s brave. I’m also not really a fan of hers but I love her and hope the best for her. Women who dare to be real are always dangerous.

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