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I’ve come to believe that serious microbiome issues (lyme disease) and tardyve diskinesia are essentially the same thing. Such is the experience in my body.

I have lyme disease — with five documented pathogens involved. I have mostly used Buhner inspired treatments. I also have tardive dyskinesia, a collection of debilitating “symptoms” associated with pharmaceutical injury. It seems to me that the TD is the body trying to rid itself of the invading micro-organisms and environmental toxins like pharma and heavy metals, etc. Because TD is associated with psych drugs no one has really studied it. It will come to no surprise among folks with Lyme that it’s not believed for many of the same reasons there is a denial about Lyme disease in general. This is my first post about the two intersecting in my body. I’m only now learning to language the experience. I hope to reach others with TD who have given up on ever finding hope. Lyme disease is marginally acknowledged and understood. TD is not. People are left to suffer and die in agony.

These are snippets from around my several therapeutic environments on social media. By necessity these places have become my trauma therapist via hive mind. There has never been anywhere else to share my process. I frankly freak professionals out and have learned to steer clear. I am grateful.


I’ve spent a little bit of time in a few tardive dyskinesia groups now and oriented myself.

Certainly the hope for natural treatments here allows me to feel more comfortable. I’m no longer able to take pharma (of any kind) even if I wanted to. I developed severe sensitivity to everything along with the TD also associated with Lyme Disease.

My main way of dealing with TD is surrender– I’ve not seen anyone else speak of it at all — It may seem radical at first but for me, for good or bad, it became the only possible course of action. I was bedridden and nonverbal for 5 years…I’ve been very ill for a long time beyond that.

The TD is only part of the symptom profile yet it became obvious with constant mindful attention (while stuck in bed unable to speak and also thinking very clearly) that the TD was critical to getting well in general. For me it became obvious that the mouth movements and the body shaking were all part of an attempt for the body to detox — the TD being the animal, (think lizard brain) wanting to get detox pathways open.

I realized at some point when I was bedridden that the only way out of the hell I found myself in was absolute surrender. This has meant freely allowing and supporting the TD. Over time it’s become clear that it has a wisdom that only the body understands and the more I listen the better it gets.

This is a crazy hard journey. I don’t recommend what I’m doing and also I’m sharing because it was the only thing I could do and maybe someone else needs to think along these lines. I deeply respect the totally unique path we are all on so it’s not like I think anyone should do what I’m doing. thank you for allowing me to share. I think the worst part of this is not being able to talk about it to anyone.

I don’t go to doctors anymore and haven’t for years. I surrendered to the process….for me TD is the body trying to reclaim itself in a world that has denied what it KNOWS. I’m healing but it’s also a treacherous path…this surrendered path.

it took me years to figure out that no one but me would know my path and I would have to uncover it one step at a time…I started doing much better when I stopped looking for someone who actually knew what to do. I never found that person except inside of me. She knows. All she need do is trust.

I am shapeshifter…it happens spontaneously as I dance with the environment and context I find myself in.

life on the razors edge…living in paradox… surrender …. always beauty amongst the profound hellishness….life is a mystery

The ease of surrender: the body knows what to do as long as “I” get out of the way

Speak your story if it needs to be told – don’t apologize to anyone for it…it’s necessary to heal. When silence is asked for by society it’s rape culture talking. It’s racism, it is every bigotry and injustice that the priviliged want to pretend doesn’t happen… Silence is not always golden

Silence comes in it’s own time…be with what is and love yourself.


I am not writing on this site much anymore…if I am to write more in the future it will likely be on All Signal:

to whomever might be interested this is the general stance on chronic illness that experience has suggested: be the snake, eat yourself

see also: Micro-organism illnesses (Lyme disease and many others less popularly defined)


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