Mad Camp 2023 Scholarship Fund!

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Hello lovely mad people!

Hello everyone who has escaped from, is on the run from, is trying to flee, or is in hiding from psychiatry!

And hello to all our wonderful allies and supporters!

We are Will Hall, Dina Tyler and the Mad Camp crew, (including Monica Cassani) survivors of psych diagnosis and extreme states who live outside psychiatry and have been activists and advocates for abolishing the mental health system and replacing it with love.


Now announcing the barn-raising to make this happen, including asking for donations for travel and scholarship money. Please join us to make this a reality!

We want to feel stronger connection with you the amazing incredible people of the mad movement, and we want to enliven our community solidarity with each other. Since the early days of the movement summer camps have been an antidote to burnout and key to weaving friendships and sharing our vision. We are called to reignite this spirit through MAD CAMP!

We are very excited to announce MAD CAMP 2023 and hereby invite planet earth’s survivors of psychiatric violence living with altered/visionary states of consciousness: join us for a 5-day (!) summer camp slumber party in Northern California late summer 2023.

And we ask everyone – including allies and family members and supporters of the mad movement – please help make this happen! We need you donate to our scholarship fund!

Mad Camp 2023 will be: fun, friendship, community, healing, replenishment, fun, dancing, music, listening time, mutual aid, remembrance, art-making, more fun, swimming, hiking, hanging out, open mics, delicious food, canoeing, frisbees, poetry, meditation, scavenger hunts, nap times, ecstatic dance, acupuncture, storytelling, healing offerings, starry sky gazing, jenga / board games, sun lounging, campfire hang outs, swimming pool disco happy hour, hanging out doing nothing, let’s-connect and get to know each other gatherings, optional day-long breathwork session, optional it’s-all-groovy community spirit ceremony, optional raging against the psychiatric machine (but encouraged), and optional scheming for activism (also encouraged).

You are also totally welcome to hide in your tent the whole time! No judgment! This is the MAD MOVEMENT!

Where? All at an incredibly gorgeous nature forest campground location in Northern California, 2 hours north of San Francisco, that we have almost found (ideas please contact us). Tents and car camping, plus add-on options for cabins.

Who will be there? JUST US.

We are at the very very early stages of this – the few people discussing this so far all share a lot of excitement and are eager to join together to help. So we want to take the first step and announce this and set the universe in motion to make it happen!

Exact dates to be determined, probably late summer, at a location 2 hours north of San Francisco. We are thinking – no alcohol or substances (except your regular day-to-day). Allergy aware, no-scents. Healthy and plentiful veggie food. (Disabled access, language, and other needs contact us). Participation encouraged – if you want to share an offering or service or something let us know!

All organizing is volunteer. All funds raised go to costs and scholarships. All finances transparent. 5-day event all-inclusive tickets probably in the $400-500 range (we are trying to keep costs with included food very low, if you have ideas let us know; tiered pricing by ability to pay, add-ons for cabins etc, we are working on it). Fundraising is crowdsource only: not accepting foundation, grant, or public funds.

Space limited! Accepting applications for 40-50 person capacity soon – selection will be by group balance plus lottery. Start saving money for your ticket and travel costs now! (Cross-country, international, intergalactic, and interdimensional travelers welcome! Consider combining with CA visit, lots of festivals and things to do in late summer.)

THANK YOU for your generosity. We expect to not be perfect and humbly ask forgiveness! We have lots of questions too, we are figuring it out. We are doing our best to make this awesome – please offer feedback any time. Our hearts are really warmed with this vision of reigniting the core of our movement with community and connection.
Go here to help – gofundme

Lots of love

Will Hall & Dina Tyler & the Mad Camp crew (including Monica Cassani)

Contact: madcamp2023 (at) g (mail) (d0t) com

8 thoughts on “Mad Camp 2023 Scholarship Fund!

  1. Because the place hasn’t even been chosen. Just stated that it’s going to be far away from the City. And most of us live in cities, so it’s easier to get to things that we live closer to. I’m asking why because I believe in increased accessibilty.


    1. it’s on some sort of retreat center grounds. camping etc. I’ll let Will know you’re asking.I”m really sick right now so I’m not really with it. Sorry. You’re right accessibility is important. I’m part of the mad camp team and can’t travel at all right now. It’s pie in the sky.


    2. sorry. brain is way off right now. place *has* been tentatively chosen…things are being wrapped up and one of the considerations is overall price. realized it is likely because overall cost is less at the place being looked at. food especially gets pricey and that’s what is being kept down…lots of things to consider with accessibility. I’m praying for a miracle for my own accessibility to get out of the house!


    1. hey martha,
      sorry. I’ve been in scattered hell states. the place is tenatively chosen but we remain open to other suggestions…operating on a shoestring budget means options are limited. We are recruting more volunateers (we’re all volunteers) and if you have ideas or want to help us please join! There is a google group and a website will be up in the next few days.


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