Tardive dyskinesia is an infection

It turns out dyskinesia is a recognized symptom of Bartonella, a Lyme disease co-infection.

I’ve been researching Tardive Dyskinesia which is intimately associated with how I experience the Lyme and Bartonella infections. It’s generally considered a pharmaceutical brain injury (which I believe it also is and it’s why I got the diagnosis, because of my pharmaceutical history) but it seems that the reason it’s a pharma injury because it allows infection deep into the brain causing much more serious neuro-lyme. This is not accepted fact in the medical community but it’s clear as my experience in my body.

Tardive Dyskinesia is brain damage. It is a medically induced (iatrogenic) INJURY caused by 500 different drugs often used in psychiatry, gastroenterology and Parkinsons. People are rarely told of the risk. It’s often referred to as a side effect of the drugs. This is offensive…as what it’s really doing is allowing infection deep into the brain. Western medicine doesn’t want to acknowledge their crimes.


It turns out dyskinesia is also a recognized symptom of Bartonella, a Lyme disease co-infection. (the word “tardive” just means delayed — like, after taking neurotoxic drugs for a while).

Tardive Dyskinesia thus, in my experience, too, is an infection. I’m pretty sure it always is and not just in my case and I’m collecting studies to go about establishing enough evidence that the medical establishment will stop telling victims of psychiatric drugging that there is no hope.

In my experience (a vast number of mindful hours studying my body and any information available outside my body) TD is a brain infection caused by psych meds (and other pharma) tearing open the blood/brain barrier and allowing micro-organisms that have no business in the brain, into the brain.

I will now set out to change the face of medicine. (ha, okay, yeah, maybe not, but I’ll give it my damndest)

It’s very easy to thow us all away. It’s much cheaper, as treating these sorts of infections is hugely complex and expensive, as anyone with Lyme will tell you.

I don’t know what infections cause TD in every case..and in fact Lyme is never the same group of infections in any given individual.

Systemic drug-resistant infections that are not always prone to being found by labwork is what Lyme is. Complex biofilms will encase and keep the multiple pathogens hidden from detection. This is well documented and yet we are still mocked and disbelieved even when completely disabled from infection. We need to stop calling it Lyme, really. So many people in Lyme circles have trouble getting accurate lab results and yet they’re still very sick.

Systemic infections are rampant. It’s documented that some cancers are associated with viruses, for example. It seems to me all chronic illness is going to have a micro-organism element.

The MICROBIOME is what we ARE. The microbiome is foundational to all well-being and disease.

Currently I have a visible, raging infection on my mouth, lips, face. I was refused treatment by the local infectious disease specialist because they “don’t treat Lyme disease” (my diagnosis) … there is not a single MD in Arkansas that treats Lyme disease. This is the face of medicine.

the below image is from the book: Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Chronic Environmental Illness by Neil Nathan, MD
people with “tardive dyskinesia” will recognize many of the symptoms. No one ever has all the symptoms associated with any of these conditions.

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