Celebration time

I was going to wait a week or two but I can’t stand it. I’m OFF Risperdal. This is day two. The end of 20 years of the domination of my soul. Yes, neuroleptics are soul killing. And I was thinking I’d wait to tell just “to be sure.” But the withdrawal has been so smooth since I found my new doctor I don’t expect to have problems adjusting to the absence of .07 mg. Nope. I made it!

I didn’t know when I was going to be off it and it came as a shock even though I was on such a tiny minute amount. Just the .07 mg. I had been cutting down by .01 mg at a time. And I guess I was just in the rhythm of the withdrawal. I’ve learned to be patient. To expect it to take forever—for it to be never ending—this blindsided me.

The last time I talk to my doctor she tells me no more Risperdal tonight. I got off the phone to see my husband and hugged him and started crying with joy.

This is more awesome than buying a new house and moving into town. So much more awesome.

It took more than 4 years. I’ve been tapering more than 4 years. 11 mg at the height of it all.

I’ve also completed withdrawal from 50 mg of Seroquel, 200 mg Zoloft, 84 mg of Concerta and 340 mg of Lamictal.

60 mg of Lamictal to go and then the 3 mg of Klonopin. I expect it to be a piece of cake. Truly. Risperdal was a formidable opponent and I don’t expect further problems of the magnitude it gave me at times. I have found an amazing doctor who heals my body in ways I can’t even begin to understand.

I’m still not writing much. Still in the thick of moving. Still not sure what to do next once I’ve moved. But I had to share this with y’all.

I wish announcing it didn’t feel so damn anti-climactic. How many people on the planet actually know what magnitude of achievement this is??

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  1. I’ve been tapering of ris. for some time. As of yesterday I finally am completely off it.
    I’m having trouble sleeping and I was wondering if you had an advice for this. I know this comment is long after this last posting of yours. And I’m hoping you read it.

    1. Dear Dana,
      you say nothing about how quickly you came off of the risperdal…

      to learn more about safe withdrawal study my About page…tons of info from all over the net…

      and if you would like mutual support join our ning group It’s a support group for alternatives…would love you to share your victories with meditation…

      for now know you are potentially in a dangerous predicament…(if you tapered too quickly—you may on the other hand be fine—please read as much of my about page as possible to find out what you think)

      I am traveling all day and won’t be around.

      best to you.

  2. I wish for you a wonderful journey and it great that you have a doctor that speaks your language. I wish you well on your journey and may your insight and your inner strength guide you to your next adventure.

    Blessings and may you be a seed planter for others to walk the healthy path back to wholeness.


  3. What a victory for you, Gianna! Thank you for being the trail-blazer for others seeking freedom from psychiatric drug addiction and debilitation!

  4. Inspiring! Fantastic! We’re so happy for you!

    I’m so grateful to you for writing about this–I know it wasn’t easy! Twenty years seems like a pretty long time and your important accomplishment gives me, and everyone else who knows about your work, HOPE…I am sure that sharing what you have been through will prevent somebody else from going down that road for the better part of their lives. It’s a David and Goliath challenge, but it is to cool to know that you have been fighting the good fight, Gianna, and YOU have WON!

    “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

    Dale Carnegie quotes (American lecturer, author,

  5. Gianna

    What can I say –

    I am doing a little victory jig around the room!!


    Best wishes

  6. Wow, words cannot express how happy I am for you!
    Congratulations, & if I were closer I’d be there w/my pickup truck +/- flatbed trailer ;-)!

  7. i also would like to offer my admiration and congratulations. I helped my teen get off her meds and she is so much better without them, although she was only taking them for 3 months. It just confirms again that mental illness does not have to be a lifelong illness and there are so many other ways to get better and control the symptoms. I have found that there are such good books like ‘please do not label my child’ and the ‘the way up’. I also enjoy look at http://www.curezone.com and alternativementalthealth.com, very helpful websites.

  8. congratulations! and i definitely have a sense of how incredibly difficult this process can be — this is an amazing achievement. here’s to your health and aliveness and engagement with the possibilities of the future…
    — will

  9. I understand completely and full on all levels what a VICTORY this is! I got off risperdal and then he puts me on seroquel which I am currently trying to get off. I was on a very high dosage of seroquel and now Im on 450mg. but I hit a wall at 450 and couldnt sleep so last night he tells me to increase by 25 for 2 weeks and then try to go back down. Well I cannot stand up Im so dizzy. Im scared and lonely and tired of these drugs running my life.

  10. Gianna

    You are off Risperdal. I dont know the drug – but it must be so strong for you to taper it so slowly and in so minute doses. Congratulatiions for hanging in there and thus now being Risperdal-FREE. All the best in Life, Love & Happiness.

  11. Gianna,

    What makes this such a monumental event is that you had no idea how things would turn out….what the end-result would be…..and you did it anyway.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration!

    This song reminds me of you – this song IS you! –

  12. yeah! way to go gianna! you’ve made it through a lot since i’ve been following your blog…you’ve helped and encouraged me. sounds like you’ve got a good thing with your new doc! way to go!

  13. Absolutely awesome Gianna!

    I know how hard you have worked and suffered to get to this point and your perseverance is a marvel.

    Congratulations on your risperdal free life!


  14. Dear Gianna,
    I wish to add my heartfelt congratulations to the long list of others. What a great achievement for you! I believe your experience will let others know that everything is possible.

    Whatever your doctor is doing to enable you to withdraw more quickly and less painfully than you’d anticipated is truly a miracle to behold! And you should be so proud of yourself.


  15. Olive,
    Yes I take aminos among many other nutrients. I also meditate and get energy medicine done on my energy field.

    I still need to step up an exercise regime…and yoga and qi gong is what I want to practice…along with getting back to my love — hiking in the mountains…

    all of this is important for the health of our bodies and mind…

    AND…I eat an amazingly healthy diet…

  16. yay! thanks everyone!

    someone sent me an email and asked me why on earth it would feel “anti-climactic?”

    I guess because it just ain’t over yet….

    the real celebration will happen when I’m off ALL of this poison…

    still got the Lamictal and the Klonopin…but at least I’m WAY WAY past the half way mark…

    I’m getting back into the saddle in other words…victory marked, final battle not over yet!!

  17. Gianna,

    Thank you for sharing this once-in-a-lifetime triumph! No, I don’t know what it means because I am not you!

    However, as a mother and a professional I have watched the anguished suffering of my son and my resultant suffering, to see someone have to take such toxic substances.

    Thus, I know this is the ultimate accomplishment for you.

    I feel tremendous joy, compassion and respect for you.

    I appreciate your courage and perseverance and most of all your faith in yourself and those like you!

    My heartfelt congratulations!!!

    Special Blessings,

    Delores Jankovich

  18. Well, I don’t know from any personal experience, but I do know from other’s accounts, yours included, and from what I know about these substances in general: It’s a huge achievement. I’m so happy for you. Congrats!!

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