Somatic Wisdom Technique Part 2

In the first part of the discussion about developing “Somatic Wisdom”, we used a technique that involved scanning the body for any distress and then using a four part process to describe it and name it. In this post, I will discuss how we can access the body’s innate wisdom to learn ways to transform any stuck energy and release it for better health and emotional well being. Again, the point of this practice is to engage the wisdom of the body to discover areas of distress. Physical distress in the body has an emotional component that often lays dormant without our conscious knowledge. These charged emotional states are essentially messages from our body. When we take the time to tune in and really listen the messages become clearer and more apparent. The simple process of scanning and listening often gives us strong insight into the emotional and spiritual reasons we are feeling uncomfortable. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Between Heaven and Earth – Full Qigong Practice Session

Yesterday I did two posts on trauma and learning to heal from that through body practices. I talk about yoga and ecstatic dance in those posts. Qigong is another practice that can help profoundly. I love that there is simply a huge multitude of methods to heal so that everyone can find what resonates and works for them personally. Of course that is a challenge for (some) professionals who always want to believe that what they have training in is what is appropriate for everyone. This is of course why the mental health system doesn't work so well. I take great delight in the incredibly diverse healing body/mind. I've been practicing Qigong from time to time lately and really love it too though I am very much a beginner still. It's an incredibly powerful energy mover and so I do have to take it slow and carefully simply because it impacts the autonomic nervous system so profoundly and that is what is most impacted by the iatrogenic injury I'm healing from (psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome). Psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome is among other things also an incredibly traumatic event and therefore a lot of methods that help heal trauma also help heal this medically induced iatrogenic injury. … [click on title to read and view more]

Yoga: do it at home. You don’t have to start in the classroom!

I still have days where I'm too sick to move much at all. I need to be in bed most of the day and I'm really, really, sick. Almost like the flu's hard to explain but it's global and complete and still happens with some frequency. Anyway, what I find fascinating (and wonderful too) is that first, it moves through much faster than it used to, but secondly how as I come out of whatever it is my body is going through my body starts SCREAMING for yoga. I had to get up tonight in the middle of the night and do yoga. Twice now since I've been up. The process of mindful attendance of my body/mind/spirit now allows me to further move through and heal what had been stagnant toxic's a slow process but it's also clearly deeply intelligent and it's my animal body directing all of it...

‎”When you put the psyche in motion it heals itself.” (embodiment)

Moving in many different ways has become and will remain a foundational aspect of becoming well for me. I do yoga, I walk, I dance, I garden and I mindfully am present with the movements of my body when I do just about everything. Even when I do the dishes or any other household chores. Becoming conscious of our incredibly lovely animal bodies can be a deep and profound joy. The wonderful thing about this is doing something like mowing the lawn ceases to be a chore. It becomes time to be with your lovely body. … [click on title for the rest of the post

I’ve lost 65 lbs now. Cutting out neuro-toxic drugs and concentrating on well-being will do that

I've lost 65 lbs now. Cutting out neuro-toxic drugs will do that. I've not done anything to lose weight focus has been on healing. So that means I eat whole real food but I do not count calories or control portions...I have simply learned to feed my body what it needs when it needs it. There has been no deprivation dieting involved whatsoever. It's been a process. The pounds just come off as part of the healing process. It's taken years but different aspects of healing become apparent even while in others ways I'm still sick. It's been a fascinating process really...I continue to learn so much about my body/mind/spirit. … [click on title to read the rest]

Yoga: it works!

Yoga has been an integral part of healing my body/mind/spirit after the assault upon all of them by the long-term use of psych drugs and the subsequent withdrawal. Yoga helped me regain my strength after 2 years of having been bed-ridden ...yeah, it got me back in physical shape. Just as important it strengthens my general sense of well-being and confidence in my capacity to heal. Yoga can be foundational to well-being, in a general and broad sense, and that is why it has so many applications.

Bring on liberation of the consciousness within this human form

I would like to break two taboos, 1) The taboo against movements that aren't part of a sport or formal dance 2) The taboo against sounds that aren't components of verbal language. It is healthy and, arguably, essential for many of us to make sounds and to move our bodies in all sorts of ways... Continue Reading →

Poetry on video: “body memory”

By Rick Belden Today’s poem came to me quite spontaneously one afternoon many years ago as I was lying on the bed having a little rest. In another previous post entitled “Poetry, dreams, and the body”, I wrote about the changing nature of my relationship with my body at that time in my life that opened the way for this poem to express itself to me: Somehow, and I honestly can’t say how this came about, I found that my body was, like my dreams, another rich source of imagery and information that expressed itself well in poetic language. I believe this discovery was largely stimulated by the emotional processing work I was doing at the time, in which I was taught to tune into my body as a way to locate and unlock the psychological and emotional energy I’d been forced to repress as a child. As time went on, I gradually began to see my body as a partner rather than as an adversary. I also found that my body had something to say. I only had to give it the time and the space to speak.

The body is the gateway

The body is a container, a vessel, a vehicle for the expression of energy. Sometimes energy gets stuck or trapped. This can result in physical pain, discomfort, structural problems, or illness. A story is also a container, a vessel, a vehicle for the expression of energy. Energy can be trapped in the body in the form of a story. Some stories that emerge from the body are literally true and verifiable in terms of one’s real world experience. This type of story is often referred to as a body memory. But stories that emerge from the body need not be literally true and verifiable in terms of one’s real world experience to have value.

‎”When you put the psyche in motion it heals itself.” (embodiment)

We need to free our bodies and mind!! There is no separation.

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